Oliver’s Love For Story-Telling Through Film-Making…

Ike The Warrior, Oliver Oscar Mbamara in the epic film SLAVE WARRIOR
OLIVER O. MBAMARA as Ike The Warrior, in the epic film SLAVE WARRIOR – written and directed by Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver’s love for story-telling grew while he played with peers under the moonlight and as he listened to elders tell and share the legends passed on from the ancestors. As a kid his imagination was always at work and creative about bringing stories to live and as such he found the concept of motion picture to be interesting. As he grew, he became more appreciative of the channel of story telling as a benevolent way of sharing ideas and concepts of life without appearing forceful or imposing. Subsequently, he endeavored to bring his poems, stories, and experiences into life via stage performances and film-making. And within the past decade, he has written, directed, and produced several plays, short and feature films including TV drama series like the CULTURES TV SERIES. To supplement his creativity in this regard, he has undergone courses and obtained certification in film-making from the New York Film Academy as well as the Hollywood Film Institute.

         Oliver has been involved with laying the foundation for Nollywood and African film-making to strive in Diaspora (especially in the USA) as far back as 2003 when he teamed up with colleagues to produce the ground-breaking African immigrant drama feature film titled THIS AMERICA, which was based on his book about the African immigrant experience originally intended to be released as a novel. Oliver continues to be involved in the production of several stage, theater, and film projects but these days he is more involved with working in finding solutions to most of the issues holding back the growth of Nollywood or African film-making in Diaspora especially piracy, and marketing/distribution.  He is the current President of Nollywood Producers Guild, USA. Below are previews of some of his works.

*** Recent Films/Productions by Oliver Oscar Mbamara ***

SLAVE WARRIOR: (Epic Action Drama)Oliver Oscar Mbamara plays the role of a slave turned-warrior in this historical epic adventure inspired by a true life story.SYNOPSIS: A journey back in time as an African warrior becomes a slave to save his captors’ clan from the invasion of some ruthless slave-traders in 18th century Africa. An epic that tells the story of slavery from the perspective of indigenes of an African village that experienced the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Written/Directed By Oliver O. Mbamara. STARRING: Oliver O. Mbamara, Fabian Adibe, David Ihese, Ted H. Jacobsen, Charles Mbamara, James Stover, Eric Chifunda  Limited Release on DVD.  


THE RETURN OF SPADE:  (Action)(2nd Instalment of the SPADE Movie Series)SYNOPSIS: We follow a retired Special Agent Spade and his fiancee Loveth to the village for their traditional wedding. As things heat up, Special Agent SPADE finds himself returning on the job, but will he be able to overcome the challenges of Love, seduction, and conspiracy. An adventure drama spiced with love, suspense, and action.Starring: Shawn Walker, Oliver O. Mbamara, Prince Ekeh, Edet Bruno, Charles Oguwuike, and many other actors from both Nollywood and Hollywood. Written and Directed by Oliver O. Mbamara (DGN)    NOW ON DVD.  Details at

THE RUN AGAIN: (Drama/Comedy)In this much anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking film THIS AMERICA, Oliver O. Mbamara continues to portray the funny but harrowing experiences of Ozobio, the Nigerian Immigrant trying to survive in New York. SYNOPSIS/Logline: Ozobio survives an attempt on his life only to end up running from the experiences that follow. Written by Oliver Mbamara. Directed by Bethels Agomuoh with technical Direction by Felix Nnorom. Also starring Angelinah Ada, Rena Anakwe, Placidus Aguwa. NOW ON DVD.  Details at

THIS AMERICA (2004): (Drama/Tragi-comedy)Oliver Oscar Mbamara stars as an oblivious African immigrant in New York in this well received controversial ground breaking African feature film.SYNOPSIS: An African comes to New York on vacation but events back home in Nigeria, forces him to reluctantly stay back in New York caught between starting life afresh and going back to his top-Executive comforts in Nigeria. However, his encounters make him wonder about this America for between his gun packing and violent neighbors, mistaken arrests by the Police and his domestically abusive wife who also packs a gun like a gangster, he was in for a true culture shock… – Written by Oliver O. Mbamara and Directed by Bethels Agomuoh).   NOW ON DVD. Details at